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Cheat Lake Elementary School PTO Committees

Volunteering for a PTO committee is a great way to be involved in your child's school and meet new people! The CLES PTO encourages parent and community volunteers to help support our students. If you have time to give, please consider volunteering for one or more of the following committees. The donation of your time can make such a difference in the life of a child.

Bake Sale
Chair:   Julie Sandolfini - 304-685-8250 - nursejuliern@hotmail.com

Volunteers needed for the winter music program

Volunteers will sell bake sale items at the winter music programs.

Chairperson will contact volunteers to donate baked goods & coordinate volunteers to work at bake sales.

Chair:   Chairperson Needed

Volunteers needed throughout the year

Volunteers will enhance the landscape around our school, including trimming and planting perennials in the fall, decorating the exterior of the school building with holiday décor in December, removing the holiday décor in January, planting and cleaning up the flowerbeds in the spring and planting, mulching and weeding the flowerbeds in August before students return to school.

Chairperson is responsible for contacting and coordinating volunteers.

Book Fair
Chair:   Cassie Caplan -304-322-1213 - casscaplan@outlook.com

Volunteers needed in the fall & in the spring

Volunteers will decorate the library and school several weeks before the book fair. During the book fair, volunteers will set up, work the cash registers, restock the bookshelves and help students make appropriate book selections based on their budgets.

Chairperson is responsible for contacting & coordinating volunteers to set up and staff the event. SignUpGenius is used for event planning and to manage volunteer shifts.


Box Tops for Education
Chair:   Mandy Carpenter - 304-699-4115 - mdrsar@aol.com

Volunteers needed 2-3 times per year

Volunteers will count Box Tops submitted during competitions during the year.

Chairperson will organize contests to collect the Box Tops, coordinate volunteers to count the items and pack and submit the items for school credit. SignUpGenius is used to coordinate and manage volunteers.

Daddy-Daughter Dance
Chair:   Kate Teter -304-290-5113 - kgteter@gmail.com
Field Day
Chair:   Ranah LeBouf - 315-244-9452 - ranahlebouf@gmail.com and Claire Chantler - 301-520-8819 - claire.e.chantler@gmail.com

Volunteers needed 1 day in May 

Volunteers will run games and activities at various stations.

Chairpersons will coordinate the volunteers and plan the stations for field day. SignUpGenius is used to coordinate volunteers for this event.

Chair:   April Oliverio - 304-216-2119 - april_slokan@yahoo.com

Volunteers needed throughout the year

This committee is responsible for overseeing our fundraising programs.

Committee chair will contact and coordinate volunteers to distribute necessary order/registration forms collect payments and distribute merchandise.

Mother-Son Event
Chair:   Stephanie Satterfield - 304-704-0775 - stephsatterfield.cles@gmail.com and Nancy Starsick - 304-657-5707 - nancy.starsick@gmail.com
Chair:   Linda Jackson - 304-680-0589 - lindajackson.cles@gmail.com

No Volunteers Needed

Chairperson will gather information and publish our monthly newsletter. 

Please submit information for the newsletter by the 20th of each month.

Read Aloud
Chair:   Hailie Fisher - 304-319-1850 - hailie.a.fisher@gmail.com and Stephanie Nagy - 419-513-0667 - alexnagy@yahoo.com

Volunteers needed throughout the year

Volunteers will select approptiate grade-level materials and read to their child's class. Frequency depends on the number of voluteers per classroom.

Chairpersons will communicate with the teachers to establish a Read Aloud schedule for each classroom and organize Author's Week activities. SignUpGenius will be used to contact and coordinate volunteers.

Science Fair
Chair:   Glen Jackson - 304-680-0548 - gpjcksn@gmail.com and Jenn Robertson Honecker - 304-290-1256 -jen.robertson@mail.wvu.edu

Volunteers needed for 1 evening in the fall

Volunteers will set up tables and materials prior to the event, clean up after the event and judge student projects during the event. No scientific background or career is needed.

Chairperson will contact and coordinate with various groups at WVU and in the Morgntown area to provide outreach activities during the event and will contact and coordinate the volunteers for the event. SignUpGenius is used to to communicate and organize volunteers for this event.

Scott's Run
Chair:   Meighen Lehosit - 919-244-4771 - mlehosit206@gmail.com and Stephanie Brown - 304-685-8584 - sbrownwv@gmail.com

Volunteers needed throughout the year

Volunteers needed to pick up food at Scott's Run and to organize and distribute food bags.

Chairpersons are responsible for contacting and coordinating volunteers.

Chair:   April Oliverio - 304-216-2119 - april_slokan@yahoo.com

No volunteers needed

SCRIP gift cards can be purchased through the SCRIP program, and our school earns a percentage of the purchase value. You can purchase cards year round and use them in place of a credit card.

Chairperson will collect orders, purchase gift cards and distribute them. Volunteers will help distribute the cards when large orders are placed.

Talent Show
Chair:   Dannyka Wolfe - 304-282-2731 - wolfe.family5@aol.com
Teacher and Staff Appreciation
Chair:   Leslie Lester - 304-319-4605 - leslielester.cles@gmail.com and Karin Patterson -304-685-0790 - karin.patterson@comcast.net

Volunteers needed for Parent/Teacher Conferences in the fall (usually September and October) and the first week in May

The Teacher Appreciation Committee provides dinner for the teachers and staff at Parent/Teacher conference nights and also hosts a week of activities for Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring. This committee offers an easy way to volunteer when you do not have a lot of time because donations can be given ahead of time. At least 10 volunteers are needed to help during Teacher Appreciation Week when the committee provides breakfast and dinner for the teachers and staff.

This committee will also recognize significant events that occur in the lives of faculty and staff, including births, illnesses, weddings, specials days (secretaries, cooks, etc.) and sending cards and/or gifts to the teachers and staff.

Volunteers will donate food, drinks and/or time to help set up and clean up dinners for conference nights and Teacher Appreciation Week.

The committee chairs will send out a SignUpGenius link and ask volunteers to sign up to donate specific items needed.

The Pantry Plus More
Chair:   Micah Weglinski - 412-708-1767 - micahweg@gmail.com

Volunteers needed throughout the year

The Pantry Plus More (PPM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger in Monongalia County by bringing food, hygiene products, and other resources to children where THEY are, when they need them most so they can focus on learning.  The PPM committee will focus on student and teacher outreach, helping organize items in the pantry, volunteering for community-centered food giveaways, helping supervise student volunteers, and other tasks, as needed.  Volunteers are always welcome!


Chair:   Karin Patterson -304-685-0790 - karin.patterson@comcast.net

Volunteers needed for approximately 1 hour per week during the school day throughout the year

Volunteers will tutor students individually or in very small groups for 25-45 minute sessions.  Teachers will provide volunteers with necessary materials and assignments to complete with the students. No teaching experience is needed and assignments will be made based on your comfort level.

Chairperson will coordinate with the guidance counselor to match volunteers with teachers and students.

Chair:   Andrea Antion - 304-216-6767 - andrea.antion@gmail.com


Chairperson will contact new families who join our school and welcome them to our community and provide them with useful resources to help ease their transition to their new surroundings.

Chair:   Linda Jackson - 304-685-0589 - lindajackson.cles@gmail.com

Volunteers needed in the fall

Volunteers will photograph their child's class throughout the fall and upload the photos to a designated photo-sharing website.  Photographs can be taken on the playground, at parties, during Read Aloud or in class. A digital camera is required.

Chairperson will coordinate parent photographers, gather photos, edit photos, design our school yearbook and submit the digital file to our publisher in February.